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Classy rugged edgy, sophisticated kid from the city of brotherly love. No stranger to the pitfalls and trials of life coming into ones self from Philadelphia. Born Jesse Richardson, J Street always had a knack for music and Making money. Through a handful of opportunity’s J came across his first and only manager in high school, (R.I.P), Which lead him to violators management group. With a handful of good records, one stood out, due to the name and consciousness of the song “Christ Like”, which was heard by then A&R john monopoly did not sit well with him because J was rapping about being like Christ, but cursing in his verses. So the deal didn’t go through, and J was back to the streets of Philly. As a 17-year-old kid from Philly, thinking your it, this was a hard pill to swallow getting turned down on your first record deal. Ironically enough, that same A&R left violators and became manager of a artist who’s titled track “Jesus Walks, catapulted his career to unimaginable heights, we know him as Kanye West. Was this a conspiracy, or stroke of early genius, we will never Know. But it did inspire J to go back to violators to then A&R Andre Neal, for a second chance at stardom. Neal, who told j simple and plain, your new material is hot, but who knows you?, you gotta get your name in the streets coming out of peoples mouths. 
So once again, staring n the face of an adversity, Walking out of VMG a second time, in Manhattan, heading back to grand central via cab, on his own nickel, all J could think was fuck these labels, and imma do me. And that’s just what he did; in early 2004 J went into the booth and compiled his first record “ Respect Life” under his first company, Ise records. He eventual moved 11,000 units Nielsen soundscan, and had a nice buzz off this disc makers assisted first cd. An early marriage, and fatherhood woes gave J a few year hiatus off the grid. 
Phase two; the reinvention. After a fast divorce, and introduction to family court, J realized it was time to expand his vision beyond holding the mic and production, and imbrace his knack for business. He then took aim in his next venture, which was Philly Bred Magazine. This was an idea derived from J seeing a void in the Philadelphia entertainment media scene and wanting to help other artist and talent from the city have a platform to be heard. Not yet understanding his impact or position, J put fourth his first released magazine, with the legendary “Roots” blessing the cover. Eventually winning best magazine at the 2011 Philly hip-hop awards, it seems that his visions and ventures are filled with promise. Still working to better his craft he’s in the studio recording countless songs, and ready to unleash a new mix tape and album all while still keeping the city tuned in to the latest and greatest. His tales of struggle, success and fatherhood, or just a ride thru his city, will surely lure you in and make you appreciate his presence and 
Position. UNDENIABLY Philly’s next shooting star


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